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A yummy way to up your nutrition game

A yummy way to up your nutrition game

Vitamin supplements are incredibly popular all around the world. People take vitamins to improve

health or make up for a diet that is nutrient-deficient. Different types of vitamins, with their antioxidant-rich nature, help boost immunity and improve general well-being. This anthocyanin-loaded ingredient is known to help ease cold and flu symptoms, and that's the reason we recommend this with all our hearts for you and your little ones.

Our Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that have a texture and taste like gummy candies and come in various flavors, and colors, and are cute bear-shaped.

They’re one of the most popular types of vitamins. These vitamins appeal to children as well as

adults who may not like swallowing pills.

Gummy vitamins are commonly made from gelatin, cornstarch, water, and sugar. But we at Thecobeing.com make vegan and plant-based pectin gummies. Our Popular flavors include lemon, strawberry, cherry, orange, mango, peach, apple flavors, and more.

We have:

  1. Beta-glucan gummies- for better digestion and sugar levels
  1. Curcumin & ginger gummies- good for enhancing your metabolism and reducing inflammation.
  1. Elderberry gummies- Rich in antioxidants, and cold and flu fighter/anti aging properties.
  1. Calcium & Vitamin d3 gummies- for bone support and strength
  1. Iron gummies- To increase your stamina and cellular health/replenish your iron reserves in the body.
  1. Sleep gummies-Help you fall asleep by regulating your sleep cycle.
  1. Immunity gummies- For immunity and cellular health.
  1. Apple cider vinegar gummies- Weight management, hair and skin health, energy boost.
  1. Multivitamin gummies- For improved memory and stress relief.
  1. Probiotic gummies- For your Gut health.

Strawberry-flavored GummyHugs of Calcium & D3 from Sigoori are here to help you achieve your health goals by providing unrivaled immunity and strength. This mineral-vitamin duo helps to improve the strength of muscles, teeth, and bones, providing you with all the nutrition you need to get through the day.

Tasty peach-flavored Iron ++ gummies aid in taking care of your cellular health, which ensures a proper energy boost for the body. For kids and adults who don't like to pop iron pills and syrup, this is a yummy way to restore your iron with no metallic aftertaste either and no black stains too!

Sigoori Gummyhugs for Sleep is the best solution for a healthy night's rest and sleep. A person without proper rest and sleep might not be able to complete their day-to-day duties efficiently. Our Sleep Gummies help you with sound sleep and help relieve your stress, promoting a positive mood to start your day. And yes, they come in a tasty strawberry flavor too. 

Our immunity gummies help reduce your cold & flu days. They promote cellular health, which improves the proper functioning of the body. Immunity gummies are also high in antioxidants, which benefit your overall health. 

Apple cider vinegar gummies are your weight loss management ally. Infused with a delectable green apple flavor, that is tangy sour and sweet at the same time it is a one-stop shop for all your metabolism issues. The gummies also regulate your body's pH and promote healthy hair and skin.

Multivitamin gummies are used for improved memory and stamina.  They come in strawberry flavor and help to lead a healthy energetic life. Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties aid in the development of a robust immune system, keeping you and your family stress-free and energetic throughout the day.

Gummies are an amazing way to maintain a healthy routine by beating away conventional methods. They can be consumed by both kids and adults.

People who benefit from gummies are those who:

  • They have trouble absorbing some nutrients.
  • have increased nutrient needs, like women and kids. Men who are low in stamina.
  • Kids and adults who are choosy eaters
  • People who often skip their daily vitamins due to distaste
  • People who feel fatigued often
  • Vegans and elders
  • Alcoholics, where vitamin absorption is compromised.
  • Those with health conditions requiring increased nutrients or long-term use of medications should be aware that altered nutrient absorption occurs.

Gummy vitamins are a good alternative to pills. They are best for people who get anxious about swallowing pills and have swallowing difficulties. You don’t feel you are on a supplement; it's a jolly way of taking your nutrients.

However, caution needs to be exercised with diabetics - not to overeat due to sugar. Make sure you don’t exceed the dosage: kids, adults.

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