Gemmorich Technology - the new way to source ingredients

Gemmorich Technology - the new way to source ingredients

There has been a sudden shift in the wellness paradigm, where now people are genuinely interested in fitness and wellbeing and aim for a better lifestyle. By recognizing this need, Indus life sciences introduced a new way of restoring immunity through gemmotherapy via its wellness brand ‘The Co Being’. The brand will have three major categories that focus on Sigoori (general wellness), Minaya(intimate wellness), and Krinka (beauty).

A holistic solution

The Co Being believes in the holistic well-being of an ecosystem that thrives on coexisting and collaborating within self. We believe that this wholesome wellness comes from the power of nature, and we’re on a mission to bring it to life through the power of science. With about two decades of expertise, through Sigoori, Minaya, and Krinka the co-being aims to be inclusive, accessible, and affordable to the ever-evolving world.

With a unique plant-based technology, the co-being introduces Gemmotherapy as the ultimate solution to treat the important “you”- your mind, body, and soul. Gemmotherapy is known as a comprehensive Phytoembryotherapy is popular phytomedicine in European countries. The principle is based on therapeutic potential of meristematic tissues of plants. It uses the embryonic tissues of growing plants which alone has all the characteristics of the fruits, flowers, roots, wood sap, and leaves. It is used in different ways and can nourish and bring balance to the body. Derived from Latin word “Gem” which means buds. It is of plant bud extracts & you could call it simply a “bud therapy”. It provides high concentrations of active substances, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, plant hormones, etc.


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