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Indus Life Sciences launches into D2C e-commerce

Indus Life Sciences launches into D2C e-commerce

Just over a decade ago, the definition of health was confined to a physical state of fitness. But this description feels foreign in today’s world. Today’s world of health is not defined by physical fitness but is also keeping in check the mental and social well-being of an individual.

The pandemic brought with it the state of uncertainty along with drastic lifestyle changes due to the depreciating mental and physical health of the people across the globe. This caused a major change in hormones, the increment of mental issues like, panic and anxiety, and the sleeping and eating patterns of the people were seen to be drastically shifted. This in turn resulted in a major gap in the health of people.

In this fast-paced world today, it is important that the gap is filled to surpass the adversity the pandemic had gotten upon the world and to get to a state of normality. The gap can only be filled when healthy lifestyle practices like a proper diet, exercise, and sleep, are followed daily.

Along with these lifestyle practices, it is also important that beauty, wellness, and nutrition are taken utmost care of and there is no gap. But considering the post-pandemic health issues, there was a need to look at all these health spectrums in a new way in which they were approached.

Understanding this need of the audience, Indus Life Sciences came to bridge the gap in nutrition while providing tailor-made solutions. Indus Life Sciences hold their expertise in exports of Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods to over 40 Countries. They announced their entry into the coveted Wellness & Beauty D2C space in India, with their wholesome wellness brand “The Co Being” on 23rd June 2022.

Headquartered in Chennai, The Co Being is a one-stop-wellness-collective of mass-premium products, covering Health & Nutrition, Beauty, and Personal Hygiene ‘et al, soon expanding to Digital Wellness devices & living aids. It was launched by Chief Guest Ms. Shiny Surendran, renowned Sports & Preventive Health Nutritionist, and special guests Dr. A Rajendran, Research scientist & Phytotechnology Expert, and Dr. R Roopa, Expert Dermatologist.

The brand staunchly believes that coexistence is a part of the order of life, thus driving it to build something that is strongly inspired by the goodness of nature, brought to life through the power of science, research, and technology.

The Co Being houses 3 sub-brands - SIGOORI (General Wellness), MINAYA (Intimate Wellness) & KRINKA (Beauty), each catering to the well-tailored needs of audiences in the respective segments.

Mr. Mani Krishnamurthy, Managing Director of Indus Groups, said that the support system for our audiences coping up in this fast-paced world with ever-evolving lifestyle needs is taking a toll on their physical and mental health. The brand was on a mission to help people thrive in this world that is moving at a thousand miles per hour.

He also said that there are not many players in the market that view Wellness through our multidimensional lenses and that this will be a strong value proposition. The company aims to increase its exports to 100 countries and expand its product portfolio to 1,000 products in the next 2-3 years. The brand aims at increasing its turnover to ₹500 crores in the next 3-4 years, says V Ravichandran, Director, Indus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

In the upcoming years, The Co Being envisions to set a mark for itself, in a way where they are able to reach a wider audience and be a boon to their illnesses. The products aim at providing for the audience, wellness that they have never witnessed before. To experience wellness at its newest, try the products available online in early July at www.thecobeing.com.

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