Our <br> Promise

We want to be the instigators of inside-out wellness for our community, not with empty words but actions that promise results in the long run.

Our <br> Promise

Safety - Nothing but the good

At the Co Being, your safety is our priority. All our ingredients, formulations and technologies are a concoction that is handpicked by experts who help yield the best results with our products. Safety is synonymous with our core beliefs and values to coexist with nature and the community.

We work day and night with GMP and ISO lab and manufacturing facilities to develop products that are effective, efficient and most importantly, safe. We have been around in the industry for the past twenty years and conduct extensive research that helps us stay on top of our game, providing you with the best of wellness and nutrition.


At The Co Being, we’re always working towards increasing the sustainability of our product development, packaging and up until our last-mile logistics. From our labs to your home, we try to minimize the usage of extra packaging materials and use only 100% recycled courier cartons with eco-friendly packing papers.

We are on the active lookout for Post-consumer recycled containers and packaging for categories where we can make it work! We promise to make transitions as we grow and scale-up.

At The Co Being, we also take our Extended-Producer-Responsibility pretty seriously. Our Plastic Neutral journey (we’ve pledged to recycle the quantity of plastic that we put to use. We will also start taking back Co-Being empties soon for recycling) is already on and we can’t wait to share our milestones with our CoBeing community.