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Created by internationally renowned research scientists and recommended by top nutritionists and dermatologists

Through the years, we have worked relentlessly to identify what our consumers need. Our A-Team consisting of internationally renowned research scientists, top nutritionists and world-class dermatologists have been at it for over 2 decades, understanding the change in the perception of health and wellness - from natural home remedies to the inception of modern medicine.

We’re not ones to take sides. We believe that co-existence is a part of the order of life, thus inspiring us to build something that is strongly inspired by the goodness of nature, built through the power of science, research and technology.

PhytoPlanet™ - Of the Planet, by the planet, for the planet.

As our name suggests, The Co Being strongly believes in the correlation and co-existence of every component in our ecosystems. That's exactly why we believe that sustainable nutritional goals can be achieved within the ecosystem itself.

Plant-based nutrition is the best remedy when it comes to sustainability and health. In fact, they have been around for centuries in different forms across the world. Through our PhytoPlanet formulations, we bring you the best of the plant world through scientifically proven compositions to help you reach your health goals, safely and effectively.

We're going back to our (r)shoots...

Gemmotherapy = [Lat. gemma, bud + therapīa, remedies]

It has been scientifically proven that buds and young shoots of plants provide a high concentration of active substances, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and plant hormones that rejuvenates skin tissues to keep the skin healthy and young.

Our GemmoRich™ Technology extracts nutrients from fresh buds and young shoots to create strong potent formulae that work on the cellular level of the skin.

At The Co Being, we are all about premium and potent formulas that help you achieve your inside-out health and beauty goals. That's exactly why we have developed our unique GemmoRich™ blends to keep you shining wherever you go.