Revitalize Your Gut: Post-Diwali Gut Health Tips

Revitalize Your Gut: Post-Diwali Gut Health Tips

Diwali, the festival of lights, may leave our taste buds overjoyed but our bodies feeling a bit overwhelmed with indulgence. Who can resist the joy of indulging in delectable sweets and savoury treats during this grand celebration? The besan ladoos and crispy murukkus were truly heavenly, but they also added a touch of post-Diwali heaviness. It’s time to strike a balance between our love for festive treats and our gut’s well-being as we embark on a delicious journey of post-Diwali gut recovery. Like Diwali lights up the night sky, let’s illuminate our inner luminaries-our guts-with simple yet effective tips for a healthier, happier you. So, join us as we learn how to keep our ‘inner lamp’ burning brightly, post-Diwali.

Here, we offer some valuable tips to assist you in detoxing after the Diwali festivities.

  1. Kickstarting your day with a warm lemon water routine can be highly beneficial. Lemons, brimming with Vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, play a vital role in detoxifying your body, promoting better digestion, and supporting the reduction of belly fat.
  2. Stay well-hydrated by ensuring you consume an adequate amount of water every day. This aids in the removal of excess sugars and fats from your body. Aim to drink a minimum of 2-3 litres of water daily.
  3. Avoid white foods, as in white bread, rice, refined flour, sugar, and any processed ingredients that are white in colour. It may be challenging, but the benefits are worth the effort.
  4. Opt for hearty vegetable soups to curb your appetite rather than indulging in full meals. Enhance the flavours by incorporating a variety of vegetables and spices into your soup. Vegetable soup delivers a rich dose of antioxidants to support your liver, along with potassium, which helps create an alkaline environment necessary for detoxifying the body.
  5. Fasting has its health perks, but it's best to skip it this time. Fasting can strain your body and drop your blood sugar, making you crave sugary foods. Instead, try eating small meals all day and add plain, roasted, steamed, or grilled veggies to your diet.
  6. Stay away from so-called "diet" snacks and chips, as they are typically highly processed and loaded with sodium, which can contribute to bloating the next day.
  7. Make your daily drinks interesting by including a variety of options like water, green tea, veggie juices, coconut water, and buttermilk. This helps your body clear out toxins and stay refreshed.
  8. Choose light meals like khichdi or porridge, as they are easy to digest and help maintain a lighter system. These dishes not only provide nourishment and satisfaction but also offer a healthier option compared to grabbing a bag of chips. They are gentle on the stomach, aid digestion, boost energy levels, and enhance the immune system.
  9. Fruits are a valuable source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. It's essential to include 3-4 servings of colorful fruits everyday, with a focus on pineapple and papaya, rich in enzymes like bromelain and papain. These enzymes aid digestion, reduce bloating, and support gut health. These nutrients are fundamental for cell growth, and the fiber in fruits aids in detoxifying the intestinal walls by eliminating toxins. 
  10. Green leafy vegetables offer essential nutrients and can assist in managing various stomach issues. Their high fibre content makes them easy to incorporate into our meals, slowing down stomach emptying and promoting a feeling of fullness. Dark greens are particularly effective in reducing water retention, a significant factor in bloating. It's advisable to include greens in your regular diet.
  11. Maintaining regular physical activity and daily workouts can significantly improve digestive issues. Engaging in yoga is another effective option. You have a variety of physical activities to choose from, including running, jogging, walking, aerobics, swimming, weight training, or cycling, based on your preference. Make sure to allocate enough time for rest and rejuvenation to support your overall well-being.

The supplements which aid in digestion

  1. The Co Being Ever Liver – The powerful combination of Phyllanthus Amarus (bhumiamalaki), milk thistle & Schisandra Chinensis helps detoxify the liver and aids in healthy digestion.
  2. The Co Being Got Gutzy – The optimal combination of licorice, amla, aloe vera, along with digestive enzymes such as lipase, amylase, and protease, can enhance digestion, alleviate stomach discomfort, and reduce issues like gas, acidity, and bloating.
  3. The Co Being GummyHugs of Probiotics - The plant based bacillus coagulans can help reduce bloating, relieve constipation and promote a healthy gut flora. 

Key Takeaway

  1. After indulging in Diwali sweets and treats, it's essential to focus on detoxifying your body without depriving yourself of food.
  2. Consume warm lemon water in the morning to aid in detoxification, improve digestion, and reduce belly fat.
  3. Avoid white foods like refined flours, bread, sugar and include more soups, salads made of leafy greens and colourful veggies, they are fibre rich and give a sense of fullness. 
  4. Avoid fasting and opt for frequent small portions of meal and colourful fruits which includes more pineapple and papaya, helps to reduce bloating & indigestion, which helps to avoid in-between snacking.
  5. Continue the regular physical activity, which helps to improve digestion and allow your body for adequate rest and rejuvenation for overall well being. 

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