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Gut Well Soon: A Holistic Approach with Got Gutzy  

Gut Well Soon: A Holistic Approach with Got Gutzy  

Lately, everyone has been obsessing over gut health. This could be because of the sudden shift towards wellness. After the pandemic, everyone is taking extra measures to keep themselves healthy and fit. A healthy gut is the way to make oneself free from gas, heartburn, bloating, and constipation.

Gut health refers to the condition of the entire digestive system, which includes the organs in our bodies that break down food into various nutrients our systems need to function, from mouth  to anus.  Different colonies of microorganisms work in the stomach to break down food into more digestible forms. Each area of the gut has a specific function.

Digestion plays a significant factor in gut health, but it is not the only concerning issue related to the gut. 

So, what is gut health and why is it important? Why a healthy gut is important and how it influences overall wellness.

Importance of healthy gut  & how it influences overall wellness.

Gut health not only comprises digestion, and elimination of food,  the food we eat plays a role in our emotions and overall health. Our overall wellness is determined by the diet we follow every day.

Eating balanced food helps you manage weight.

Gut health improves heart health- Several studies suggest eating probiotic-rich food seems to lower your blood pressure.

Boosts your immunity- Consuming food rich in vitamins & minerals like fruits & veggies helps the body to replenish essential nutrients.

Choose food to feel lighter and be active all day- Balanced portions of carbs, proteins, fats, and micronutrients. Choose food that is wholesome.

Avoid junk that gives you instant happiness; instead, invest in your long-term health.

Signs of Unhealthy Gut

Changes in sleep patterns, stress, exercise (or lack thereof), mood, diet, meds, etc also affect our gut. Although it is incredibly resilient and flexible, our stomach is also quite sensitive to what is happening in our bodies. The microbiome—the countless beneficial organisms that coexist in our guts in a harmonious ecosystem—as well as our muscles, nerves, and nervous system are always developing and adjusting to our surroundings.

How to improve your gut health

Start by consuming a diet high in nutrition and easily digestible fresh fruits and vegetables. Fiber-rich foods and probiotics are also a great way to ease stomach issues. Last but not least, increase your fluid intake (re: water, herbal teas, etc.) for smoother digestion. If this wasn’t enough, adding digestive supplements to your every diet can also help reset a sluggish digestive system and give it a much-needed boost. Early to bed & early rise according to sunrise & sunset to stay tuned with your biological clock, which is the need of the hour also recommended by experts.

We at The Co Being have a unique solution to address all your digestive difficulties. A supplemental digestive enzyme proves to be an effective solution when you are experiencing occasional gas, bloating, or indigestion.

GOT GUTZY is our dynamic concoction of natural ingredients like licorice, amla, turmeric, and ginger with digestive enzymes like lipase, amylase, and protease that help break complex food into simpler, more absorbable nutrients. Ginger extract is a key ingredient that helps control heartburn.

We are more prone to acquiring gut problems as we age. For this reason, it's essential to receive the recommended daily intake of nutrients and vitamins to maintain a strong and healthy gut. GOT GUTZY capsules contain licorice, ginger, turmeric, and aloe vera extract, which are known to improve digestion. Together, ginger and licorice extract, along with Ipomoea turpethum extract, are elements that are essential to treating gastric issues like an upset stomach.

Your gut microbiota can be affected by many aspects of modern life. So, make sure to include supplements like Got Gutzy in addition to the foods you eat. These capsules for the gut are not only the simplest way to acquire the vitamins needed for a healthy gut, but they are also a delightful pleasure.

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