Glow with our Getcha Glow face wash

Glow with our Getcha Glow face wash

We have all scrolled across social media, and seen several types of skincare routines followed across the globe. However, what we frequently overlook with these trends is that skincare routines vary with skin type. Varied skin types need proper care to maintain healthy and happy skin.

The trends might change, but the only constant is the process that has been followed. Skin care starts with a proper face wash that is well suited for your skin type. Now one might think, "What is the difference between a facewash and a regular bar of soap?"

A face wash is used to cleanse your skin of dirt, sweat, bacteria, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and residual makeup. When the surface of your skin is clean, it reduces the chances of skin concerns and absorbs other products more effectively. Washing your face regularly with a cleanser instead of a regular soap bar retains protective oils, making the skin well hydrated and nourished. 

What are the ingredients of a good face wash?

When it comes to face wash, there are multiple products available across brands that provide varied ingredients. Some ingredients are chemicals like parabens, sillicons, exfoliants that are considered while purchasing a face wash.

When it comes to naturally extracted ingredients, there are mixed opinions, as natural ingredients are misconstrued to work less or slower when compared to chemical-based face washes. But when buying facewash that have naturally extracted ingredients like licorice, orange, lactic, and glycolic acid that might help majorly with issues like acne, scars, and pimples, along with other skin-related issues.

But, why do natural ingredients work better than chemical ones?

To answer this question, we will have to go back and talk about the past a bit. It won’t be boring, we promise! When we look back over decades, they have included ingredients like gram flour, milk, rose water, and alum. These ingredients not only had skin healing properties but also had anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and bacterial properties that helped keep the skin clean from the inside out.

These ingredients are tried and tested formulations, which when paired with a complete and balanced diet, always maintain the skin's health. We staunchly believe that nature’s ingredients, when extracted in the right ways and used in the proper ingredients, we can always prove to be effective when stuck to a routine.

We, at The Co Being, also believe in bringing products like Getcha Glow Face Wash, which is made with natural ingredients like orange and licorice, along with the goodness of lactic and glycolic acids that are proven to be exfoliants. These ingredients, when paired together, help keep the skin glowing from within, while the much-needed gentle exfoliation keeps the skin clean and healthy. The other ingredients in the blend include natural extracts of Beechtree bud, Licorice, Sugarcane, White Mulberry, and Chinese Skullcap. This foamy and rich vitamin C facewash is prescribed for everyone and all skin care.

All the skincare products that we make at The Co Being are made, adhering to the needs of today while reviving the ingredients that are procured from nature. When a skincare purchase is made, it is always advised to pay closer attention to the way the skin reacts to the products being purchased.

Skincare always starts with facewash and ends with a sheet mask. But, when using this skincare, consistency is key as it helps in giving the skin the care it needs. 

Anyone who is new to skincare and is buying individual products needs to remember that this is a slow process and with multiple trials and errors will be needed to finalize what is best for you! Before applying any of the products directly on the skin, they need to be checked with a patch test to rule out allergies. Krinka was curated keeping in mind the beauty needs of today. Products like Getcha Glow help in giving natural ingredients infused with PhytoPlanet ™ that help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. The Co Being provides holistic wellness to everyone and anyone who is on their path to achieving complete wellness. Check out all of our nutrition-packed blends and supplements at our website:

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