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Is your optimum daily nutrition achieved through just food?

Is your optimum daily nutrition achieved through just food?

The importance of a balanced diet 

As we move through different stages of our lives, our nutritional requirements also change. However, regardless of age, the human body requires certain nutrients to be included in its everyday diet. But how do you know whether we are taking in the right amount of nutrients?

The food we consume on a daily basis has a strong impact on our mental and physical health. A balanced diet usually includes five groups of foods that include vegetables, legumes, dairy, fruits, grains, protein foods including meat and poultry, and oils, including nuts and seafood. Water is another important part of our daily diet that shouldn’t be ignored.

Moving away from home for work can cause a lot of change in the way one eats food. This way, we lose our routine and tend to skip meals due to busy schedules or overwork and end up gorging on junk foods, which cause health issues and make us sluggish throughout the day.

However, there are also instances when one has a proper routine and still falls short on nutrients and vitamins. The struggle to not miss out on something is real. 

Co-exist with The Co being: A smart solution for your nutritional needs

The changing nutritional landscape has made everyone think deeply.

At The Co Being, we believe that wellness comes from the power of nature, and we’re on a mission to bring it to life through the power of science. With about two decades of expertise, through Sigoori(general wellness), Minaya (intimate wellness), and Krinka(beauty) the co-being aims to be inclusive, accessible, and affordable to the ever-evolving world.

We’ve spent years mastering and perfecting the synergy between the plant world and the world of science and technology to create strong, effective, and safe formulations for our community. Our recipes are made with the highest quality of ingredients that make a wide array of products for whatever concern one might want to address - you name it, we’ve got it!

Some of your best bets could be the following. 

Yelovitz is the answer to your immunity problems.  Produced with 95% curcuminoids, Yelovitz offers the purest and most potent effects of curcumin. - Rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, it also brings the best of immunity and metabolism to one. - Piperine found in black pepper enhances curcumin absorption, making it readily available to be used by your body, and also aids your digestive health.

For all day energy, Green matters is a blend of 16 essential superfoods that boost your immunity and increase your metabolism. It has the goodness of veggies, greens, fruits, and adaptogens. Our proprietary superfood blend of tulsi, spinach, orange, beetroot, alfalfa, turmeric & rosehips ensures that you don't miss out on the daily micronutrients of a balanced diet.

It doesn't take a lot of guts to care for yours. Licorice, Ginger, Turmeric, Aloe vera extract, and Trivrit are known to improve digestion. And we have all of these mixed into one just for you. Be it an upset stomach or heartburn, Got Gutzy is all you need for all your gut worries. It covers digestion too.

Our gummies are made keeping kids in mind and can hence be consumed by both adults and kids alike. Our gummies are tasty and chewy, which makes them easy for people to consume. They are curated from distinctive plant compounds and extracts, have natural flavors, and are effective and safe in nature. These pectin based gummies provide nutritional support for everyday wellbeing, including digestion, metabolism, stress relief, bone support, immunity, weight management, and cellular health. 

For those who like to keep it easy, we have different types of e-mists blends that cater to your various needs like immunity, oral hygiene, sleep, rejuvenation, and healthy skin. These fast-action eMISTs are a quick and easy way to get the right nutrition to keep you refreshed and rejuvenated, all day long.

Now that you are aware of your options for nutrition, choose your superfood and start finding your balance with The Co Being.

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