Maintaining wholesome health by Co-Existing with Nature

Maintaining wholesome health by Co-Existing with Nature

The word sustainability has been doing the rounds for a long time. Co-existing is a part of living, yet we are too hesitant to embrace environment-friendly healthcare methods and brands. Over the last decade, healthcare systems have produced a ton of toxic substances and chemical waste, which will take a lifetime to wipe out of Mother Earth. It is time to end this and be responsible for our environment. The first big step towards it is to promote sustainable healthcare and the brands that promote it. 

We dream of a healthy world and a healthy environment.  Both are crucial. Among the various environmental activities are trash reduction, support for clean water, sustainable packaging, and conservation. Replace single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives, and stock your cabinets with healthy goods. Collective sustainability makes a world of difference.

We at The Co being have been steadfast in our efforts throughout the years to determine our customers' needs. Our A-Team, which consists of eminent research scientists, elite nutritionists, and top-tier dermatologists, has been at it for more than 20 years and has observed the evolution of attitudes toward health and wellness from traditional home remedies to the development of modern medicine.

We think that co-existence is essential to the natural order of things. At the same time, we use science, research, and technology to create something deeply rooted in nature's kindness.

Of the planet, by the planet, for the planet

The Co Being firmly believes in the relationship and co-existence of every element in our ecosystem. For this very reason, we firmly believe that sustainable nutritional objectives can be fulfilled within the ecosystem itself.

The best solution for sustainability and health is a plant-based diet. In reality, they have existed in various forms throughout the world for many centuries. We provide you with the best of the plant world through our PhytoPlanet formulations, which are composed of ingredients that have been safely and efficiently validated by science to help you achieve your health goals.

Through our three sub brands — Sigoori, Minaya and Krinka we cater to wholesome wellness, intimate wellness, skincare, and beauty. 

The Co Being is all about high-quality, powerful products that support your inside-out health and aesthetic objectives. For this reason, we created our special GemmoRichTM blends to keep you radiant everywhere you go.

Our Sigoori range helps you to stay on top of your nutrition game with our phyto enriched capsules, gummies and drink concentrates for daily vitamins, immunity, stress, stamina, gut, anemia, weight management, and more. 

With GemmoRichTM Technology Krinka uses fresh buds and young shoots to extract nutrients, resulting in powerful, effective formulas that help in fertility(Men and Women), menstrual cycle and PCOS. 

In our Krinka range, you will find a high concentration of active ingredients, including antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, keep the skin looking young and healthy. 

At the Co Being, we put your security first. Experts handpick each of our ingredients, formulas, and technologies to ensure that our products produce the greatest outcomes possible. Our ingredients include natural biotin, Ashwagandha, caffeine, retinol, tender coconut, elderberry, apple cider vinegar, chamomile, aloe vera, and amla, among others. Our guiding principles and values to coexist with the environment and the community are synonymous with safety.

We collaborate with GMP and ISO labs and production facilities day and night to curate goods that are reliable, effective, and, most importantly, secure. As the parent company "Indus Life sciences PVT LTD"  has been delivering the best of products for 2 decades, we've done a lot of research to stay on top of our game and give you the greatest nutrition and well-being possible.

Begin your sustainable healthcare journey with The Co Being.

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